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Buffalo Lodge KC gorgeous rustic event spaceWe have all fallen in love with the wedding photos teeming through Pinterest where draping fabric and strings of lights transform an ancient barn into something charming and romantic. Being from the Midwest, my next question is, “Where is that barn located?” Because, I know if it’s anywhere around here, the odds are high that the barn was unbelievably hot and humid. Not to mention the flies, spiders, wasps, and other critters who love to make their homes in every nook and cranny.

We have a couple of barns on-site at Buffalo Lodge – and we scrapped the idea of ever using them for a wedding. Why? Because we wouldn’t be able to sleep at night knowing we were selling an inferior product to our brides. The reality of barns is that they were never intended to host people, much less a high dollar reception. Californians may be able to get away with it with their cool evenings and dry climate, but around here, it’s often more pleasant outside the barn than inside where there is NO air conditioning and limited air flow.

Shall we address rain? If you happen to be in a barn someday, look up. Chances are you’ll see the underside of a corrugated, metal roof. The metal is a few millimeters thick and is designed to keep rain out but has ZERO soundproofing. That means when there is a gentle sprinkle outside, it sounds like a hailstorm inside as each droplet pings off the metal. Heavy rain is deafening, as in completely and totally. Now imagine screaming your vows at your betrothed…

When we designed The Roosevelt at Buffalo Lodge, we made every effort to plan for the weather and bugs. Yes, the ceremony lawn is perfect in every way for an outdoor wedding, but our Plan B indoor ceremony is so stunning, some brides choose it over worrying about the weather. If you look up when inside The Roosevelt, you’ll notice long, color-matched ducts powered by six high-efficiency HVAC units – so when it’s utterly miserable outside, you and your guests will be comfortable and cool (or warm!) inside. You’ll also notice you can’t see daylight through the walls or ceiling – so you also won’t see wasp nests, elaborate spiderwebs, or flies on your cake. What you can’t see is what’s hiding under the roof – a thick slab of foam insulation, well beyond builder’s grade to ensure comfort and quiet, so it’s romantic and cozy to watch the storm through the windows.

Could we have saved money and mimicked a rustic, old-fashioned barn? Most definitely, but we also know that weddings are meant to be once in a lifetime, and frankly, we feel pretty good about ourselves knowing we offered you the best experience for your special day!