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It’s true. Where once it was considered taboo for a wedding to take place on any day but Saturday, we’re seeing increasing interest in the long-neglected 6 other days of the week.¬†Why would anyone consider an alternate day, you ask? 3 reasons particularly stand out:

1) You’ve got to have that date!eekday Weddings

  • Some dates have particular meaning to couples whether it be an anniversary of their first date or a lucky number combination. We’ve had brides tell us that there are certain numbers that have an uncanny recurrence in their family, and they don’t want to break the mold. Others have jumped on the creative dates for early in the century like 12/12/12 or 5/15/15. (No bookings yet for 6/16/16!)

2) Um, weddings are kinda pricey…

  • You bet they are! We all know that we can go to the courthouse and make it official for peanuts, but we want our day to be special and to share the celebration with family and friends. And, frankly, our mothers would kill us if we didn’t!! So here’s the deal, venues and vendors create their budgets and pricing based on the days they expect to be booked – namely Saturdays, a fair number of Fridays, and a smattering of Sundays. This is why you often see a pricing gradient at venues – highest on Saturdays and progressively lower on the others. For couples wanting to have their cake and eat it, too, they can have the wedding of their dreams while respecting their budget – if they are flexible on the day of week.

3) This is a celebration of love, not free booze.

  • Some couples prefer a more reserved atmosphere versus a “rager.” Or, maybe they’re really struggling with the choice of paying for alcohol or paying for a videographer. Guests tend to be more tame and less likely to expect an all-out party on weddings scheduled Sunday through Thursday – they still have to get up for work the next morning!

For consideration: Don’t expect your guests to stay until the end of your event. Weddings that do not serve alcohol and/or are held on a weekday can expect guests to begin trickling out after the cake cutting and first dances are complete. Many guests reach their limit of entertainment after 2-3 hours, especially without the addition of “liquid courage.” Don’t take it personally – they’ve enjoyed themselves and have had their fair share of chatting and merry-making!