The Team


Michael is our head honcho. From rescuing calves to analyzing grass density to deciphering the secret code of electric fencing, he is truly our resident expert. His passion for bison is on par with a mother hen as he diligently looks after the herd and stresses himself out wondering if he has done enough to make them comfortable and happy. He has earned a reputation for being the “bison whisperer,” impressing his fair share of visitors with his ability to read herd behavior and fearlessly address any shenanigans. In Michael’s perfect world, he would be able to call the calves in during stormy weather and tuck them in for the night (regardless of the fact that bison are perfectly adapted to our climate).


Amy is our organizational queen. Record keeping is her niche – comparing spring and fall weights, verifying good fertility in the herd, and, most importantly, making sure the “books” are perfect. Amy instituted mandatory microchipping for all breeding cows, eliminating the dependence on ear tags that have the nagging tendency of passing into oblivion. During calving season, she works closely with the team to make sure every mom and calf is accounted for and healthy. In her perfect world, the bison would calmly accept being worked in the chutes, considerately lining up in numerical order and politely exiting the corral after receiving their vaccinations.


Ryan is our emotional support system. With a background in organic farming and a passion for restoring native ecology, he has served as a valuable resource in helping our operation to expand, joining Buffalo Ridge as part-owner in 2015. Ryan currently resides in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico where he is wrapping up a master’s in counseling, incorporating art and the outdoors. He enjoys spreading the good word about bison and has found that the simple act of sharing our bison jerky with his clients (at-risk teens) can open doors in communication that were previously sealed shut. In Ryan’s perfect world, we would follow the example of bison who respect and honor one another as members of one family.