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LucyBuffalo Lodge–Kansas City’s Best Rustic Wedding Venue

More than a few of you have met the endearing Lucy on your visit to Buffalo Lodge–Kansas City’s best rustic wedding venue. Lucy¬†takes her job as official greeter very seriously and never fails to charm her way into the hearts of our guests!

This adorable Lab Mix entered our lives under tragic circumstances. Lucy was abandoned along the road in front of our property. At first we thought she was someone’s new dog checking out the neighborhood. After a couple of days, we realized something wasn’t right. She was exhibiting classic “dumped” behavior. Never imagining her owners wouldn’t come back, she would pop up out of the ditch to check each passing vehicle to see if it belonged to her people.

Michael and I decided it was time for her to adopt some new people, so we stopped the car one evening. She was absolutely petrified and cowered as Michael approached. He picked her up and carried her to the car where she trembled like a leaf all the way to the house. Once she had a nice bowl of food and met the rest of our motley crue, she began to settle in and appreciate the attention.

Now Lucy is our confident alpha dog – first to investigate anything suspicious and diligently keeps critters out of my garden! Her favorite thing in the world is to run at break-neck speed next to my car as I drive from my house to The Lodge and The Roosevelt (all on the same property). I’ve clocked her at 29 mph!

You’ll always know when I’m in the office because she stands as sentinel near the front door. Lucy loves people, especially little people that are at the perfect level for a cheek smooch. She has been featured in countless “selfies” and was made the guest of honor at one of our weddings. So, give her a pat when you come see us at Buffalo Lodge and let her know she’s doing a good job!