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All our brides dream of the perfect outdoor ceremony: sun shining, gentle breeze, & mild temperatures. As we all know, Mother Nature will do as she pleases which brings us to the question, “How important is Plan B?”

In my experience, it is critical to have a Plan B that is equally beautiful and will be conducive to maintaining the original vision of the bride. When there is no Plan B, the stress on the bride is enormous – resulting in OCD checking and rechecking of the forecast. For my own wedding, the forecast ran the gamut from upper 40s and rainy to sunny with high winds. It was awful. I either envisioned myself a chilly shade of purple in my strapless gown or wrestling with my long veil, streaking it with makeup. The actual forecast: 65 degrees, sunny with a slight breeze. I was lucky.

When building a wedding venue, I was keenly aware of the weather and thankfully so. Three of our ten weddings have had to be held indoors this year….and they were stunning! One of our brides revealed later that she was relieved to have it indoors and couldn’t have been happier with the grandeur of her ceremony. A wedding inside The Roosevelt is elegant and dramatic beginning with revealing the bride and her father behind the massive sliding barn door. Then she makes her grand entrance down the 80′ aisle awash in the warm glow of the antler chandeliers overhead, finally arriving at the 30′ stone fireplace to meet her groom and share her vows. The overall effect is enchanting and suitably elegant for the formality of the ceremony. And the photos are “to-die-for.”

There are certainly opportunities for compromise on wedding planning, but when it comes to your ceremony – the most important and sacred part of your wedding celebration – choose peace of mind and utterly gorgeous!