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After being told we are a “boutique” venue on more than one occasion, I finally looked up the word to better understand what all that encompasses. Outside of referring to a retail shop, it implies a business that is “small, elite and highly specialized” (Wikipedia – my apologies to college professors). Well that pretty much hits the nose on the head but bears some further explanation.

Are we small? Yes, as in we have one location and a limited offering to guarantee an exclusive and very private experience for our guests.

Do we serve the elite? Being that the term “elite” carries with it the expectation of elevated noses, let’s delve into what elite would mean in this sense. Buffalo Lodge caters to individuals who value privacy, the outdoors, and the socially & environmentally responsible business model. These individuals consciously choose to avoid the fast-food life style and big-chain / mass-market experiences. Is there a difference in price point – you bet there is! We don’t market to the masses by having an on-site hotel, restaurant, and amusement park to spread the costs around. That would destroy the experience that is Buffalo Lodge. Our guests recognize this and readily appreciate the added value of a business kept intentionally small to satisfy their needs for privacy and the ability to unplug.

I have in part answered the question of our level of specialization. In addition, The Lodge has been carefully and lovingly decorated with artful furnishings and authentic Native American artifacts. It is in every sense a “home away from home” – a place that caters to creature comforts and to those who love feeling valued. Great thought went into creating a sense discovery from my favorite Paul Goble picture books to Navajo Sand Paintings to the luxurious buffalo hide rug.

Our venue space, The Roosevelt, was designed for weddings that embrace the outdoors but also remain sensitive to the comfort of guests. From the french-country Bridal Boudoir to the frontier-style Groom’s Cabin, we have endeavored to make every part of the wedding day as charming and inviting as possible. I have had plenty of “verklempt” moments to know we have done something right! (Forgive the SNL reference – it’s just too perfect.)

Cheers to fellow businesses embracing the boutique model and a gracious thank you to our guests who validate us in choosing the path less traveled.