When Rustic Goes Awry…

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We have all fallen in love with the wedding photos teeming through Pinterest where draping fabric and strings of lights transform an ancient barn into something charming and romantic. Being from the Midwest, my next question is, “Where is that barn located?” Because, I know if it’s anywhere around here, the odds are high that… Read more »

Bison vs. Cattle

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“How are bison (buffalo) different than cattle?” I field this question all the time, and the answer boils down to what’s the difference between a wild animal and a domesticated one. Cattle began domestication about 10,500 years ago presumably in the Fertile Crescent region of what is now Iraq. Over they millennia, they have been… Read more »

Meet Lucy, Official Greeter at Buffalo Lodge

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Buffalo Lodge–Kansas City’s Best Rustic Wedding Venue More than a few of you have met the endearing Lucy on your visit to Buffalo Lodge–Kansas City’s best rustic wedding venue. Lucy takes her job as official greeter very seriously and never fails to charm her way into the hearts of our guests! This adorable Lab Mix entered… Read more »

Is It Worth the Cost to Green Up?

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  When we began construction of The Roosevelt, we were excited about all the possibilities on designing a “green” building. Very quickly, we learned that the sky is the limit, and it all boils down to budget.   Our “pie in the sky vision” included LEED certification, geothermal heating and cooling, self-dimming windows, and solar…. Read more »

Ingredients for the Perfect Cocktail Hour

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Ah yes, cocktail hour – that seemingly minor stretch of time between ceremony and reception when bridal couple and family are whisked away for photos and guests are invited to mingle. After witnessing multiple approaches, we’ve found a fail-safe list of ingredients to help your cocktail hour set a festive mood for your reception.  … Read more »

Trending Now: Weekday Weddings

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It’s true. Where once it was considered taboo for a wedding to take place on any day but Saturday, we’re seeing increasing interest in the long-neglected 6 other days of the week. Why would anyone consider an alternate day, you ask? 3 reasons particularly stand out: 1) You’ve got to have that date! Some dates have… Read more »

Part 3: Balls, err Bulls.

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  My brother, Ryan, and I are very close and always have been. We’re cut from the same cloth, making us avid environmentalists and suckers for all things sustainable. Where I’m the buffalo rancher, he’s the organic urban farmer. With the “buffalo bug” being admittedly contagious, Ryan now owns some members of our herd. After… Read more »

Part 2: Naked Cowboy

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In the wee hours of Day 2 of the Buffalo Conference, I was getting some must needed shut-eye. Out of nowhere, I awaken to the sound of someone attempting to enter our room. I lay there, frozen, waiting for the door to open and cursing myself for not securing the bolt-catching thingy. A handful of… Read more »

The Boutique Wedding Experience

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  After being told we are a “boutique” venue on more than one occasion, I finally looked up the word to better understand what all that encompasses. Outside of referring to a retail shop, it implies a business that is “small, elite and highly specialized” (Wikipedia – my apologies to college professors). Well that pretty… Read more »